Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PyXMLSec Windows Binary

Xmlsec Python Bindings for Windows

Getting the python xmlsec library to work on windows is a bit of work though it really shouldn't be. Provided here are windows installers for xmlsec. The installer itself is produced by python distutils.

In order to get it to work you will also need libxml2. I am providing a copy of it here as well.


I used MinGW for compilation. The entire environment I used to compile pyxmlsec is available here. Look inside the pyxmlsec directory for build.bat.


Anonymous said...
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StudentTempAcc said...

Your links to the exe files dont seem to be working any more

Jeff Tchang said...

I updated the links.

Kalombo said...

Hi. I am using your packages but i've got "ImportError: DLL load failed:" when i wrote "import xmlsecmod" Why it happens?

Do you have a binding for python 2.7?
Help me please.

Kalombo said...
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Unknown said...

@Jeff Tchang, thank you for the binaries.

@Kalombo, I had the same problem. I installed Win32 OpenSSL and Visual C++ 2008 Redistributables from there:

Unknown said...
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