Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eye Fi Standalone Server Version 2.0

I'd like to release an updated version of the Eye Fi standalone server in python that I have been working on. This version should work on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, or wherever else you can load a Python interpreter. As always I love comments so if you are using this feel free to e-mail me or drop me a note!

Source on GitHub:

Download (zip):

I know some people just like to browse around the source without having to download stuff (I'm one of those people):

This new version has the following features:
  • The server can now execute an arbitrary command on each uploaded photo. This is a very dangerous feature and should be used with caution. On the other hand it is also very cool. You can have the server FTP files, display them using an image viewer, or even run sorting programs on the images.
  • Improved security: the server now generates its own nonces instead of using one that was hard coded. The nonce is based on the random library provided by python. The INTEGRITYDIGEST field is also checked.
  • Ability to read settings from a configuration file (there is a included DefaultSettings.ini for reference). The file allows you to configure the listen port, console output, logging, download location, and execute on upload, and upload key.
Some other notable improvements but not really features are the addition of regression tests and support for Python 2.5. The regression tests are interesting since I run them against the official Eye-Fi Manager to make sure my behavior is a close match.

Getting usage information as to how to specify a configuration file:

C:\EyeFiServer\Release> -h
Usage: [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
Path to configuration file (example in

Actually specifying a configuration file:
C:\EyeFiServer\Release> -c DebugSettings.ini


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AAACH said...


i have a good old eye-fi with sw-version 5.2010 and the card is working perfect with connection to my router. Now i have buyed 2 another cards with SW-Version 5.0001. No chance to get a connection to router... any Idea how i can update the soft of my cards??


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